American Renaissance Disruption Report Back 2017

Nashville AntiFa participated in the disruption of the American Renaissance (AmRen) conference held in Burns, Tennessee July 28th-30th at the Montgomery Bell State Park.  AmRen is a veritable who’s who of white supremacists who gather annually to espouse largely antiquated and refuted pseudoscientific claims that cis-heterosexual white males are superior to their numerous counterparts (queer, POC, femme, etc.).  Organized by Jared Taylor, this conference is a keystone event for suit-and-tie racists seeking to expand their hateful platform under the fetishized guise of “free speech”.  Attendees included Richard Spencer (everyone’s most memorable hit from 2017), Nathan Damigo of Identity Evropa (known for assaulting femme-presenting AntiFA Louise Rosealma at Berkeley), and several other adherents to the “white identity movement” and the “Alt-Right movement”. 

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