Scranton Police Department Facebook Group: A Digital Occupation

At its height of popularity, the Scranton Police Department public Facebook group was packed with over 15,000 ardent supporters of the local police.  Most members of the online group were local to Scranton, Pennsylvania, or had lived in the area at some point in their lives.  The group was founded in early 2012 by Allie Massey, a Scranton resident, who cheerfully administrated the bustling online community.

If you scroll through the content of the page you can view a myriad of Blue Lives Matter Flags, memes calling for prayers and safety of the police, notices of missing people reports and lost pets.  You’ll also view a smattering of racist, sexist and anti-Obama content. 


Silence Broken

On Vitriol, Violence & Wasted Potential

Sometimes, in the interest of upholding the appearance of solidarity and unity amongst larger ideologically-connected groups, one must take a few lumps, keep their head down, and push on with the tasks in front of them – all the while internalizing yet compartmentalizing the loud, outside voices of their detractors.  There comes a time, however, when those disparaging voices must be met and confronted with a potent dose of reality.  For those of us within the Great Lakes Antifa media collective and its associated affinity groups, that time is now.

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