Jordan Peterson Threatens to Sue Woman Who Called His Book Sexist

(BoingBoing) - Jordan Peterson, the Jungian psychologist, vaguely Gorean guru of the "masculine spirit" and crusader against political correctness, has threatened to sue author Kate Manne and over an interview where she described portions of his book as sexist.

Hearing and Seeing Isn't Enough

Performative Allyship and Feminism

A TERF holds an anti-trans sign at Women's March in Vancouver
TERF alert from the Women's March in Vancouver

 On January 26, 2017, TIME Magazine covered the Women’s March on DC, which many proclaimed to be the largest protest in American history. Large pink letters read, “THE RESISTANCE RISES: HOW A MARCH BECOMES A MOVEMENT” over that iconic, hand knit pussy hat, whose shadow grows onto the other half of the page.

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