Scranton Police Department Facebook Group: A Digital Occupation

At its height of popularity, the Scranton Police Department public Facebook group was packed with over 15,000 ardent supporters of the local police.  Most members of the online group were local to Scranton, Pennsylvania, or had lived in the area at some point in their lives.  The group was founded in early 2012 by Allie Massey, a Scranton resident, who cheerfully administrated the bustling online community.

If you scroll through the content of the page you can view a myriad of Blue Lives Matter Flags, memes calling for prayers and safety of the police, notices of missing people reports and lost pets.  You’ll also view a smattering of racist, sexist and anti-Obama content. 


The Last WW2 Nazi War Criminal - Meet Jakiw Palij

For over 60 years Jakiw Palij has lived a mostly quiet life in America.  But on June 9th, 2004 Palij was stripped of U.S. citizenship in Immigration Court after he was exposed as a guard at the Trawniki labor camp where over 6,000 Jews were murdered during a massacre in 1943.  Palij was found to have lied about his involvement on his subsequent visa application.

FMI Site Shuts Down Amidst #WhiteSupremacy Movement Turmoil

The so-called Alt-Right (read: white supremacist & neo-nazi movements) has had a rough couple weeks following Richard Spencer's failed attempts to rally in Michigan earlier this month.  Among the latest developments in this spectacular implosion is the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas (FMI) seemingly throwing in the towel, as they've now taken their website offline.


Disrupting Richard Spencer in Motor City March 4th, 2018

Today at 2pm, the Foundation of the Market Place of Ideas (FMI) is bringing its message of discrimination, racism, and violence to the Motor City. A coalition of liberals, leftists and anti-fascists has organized to stand against FMI and the racist speakers coming to Detroit.  These speakers include Richard Spencer and Matthew Heimbach.

Throw Down in Motown: Alt-right plans conference in Detroit

The alt-right think-tank Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, which makes it sound like a deli near the checkout at Walmart, should more appropriately be called The Church of I’m-gonna-get-back-at-you-god-dang-it, which met perpetually in the moldy basement by the dryer next to grandpa’s crossbow and hustlers.  That is, until they found the keys to uncle Adolf’s Freud F150, a monster truck with five gas pedals and no steering wheel.

Now, theyre looking for a parking spot in Mexicantown.

Combatting the Prison Industrial Complex

Advocating Decriminalization of Illicit Drug Use in Nashville

Nashville, TN - On February 6th, 2018 local residents converged on the Cordell Hull Building in Nashville, Tennessee to encourage the Commissioner to support a bill that would effectively decriminalize marijuana use.  Local anarchists and antifascists (Nashville AntiFa, Nashville Anarchist Black Cross, and Middle Tennessee Autonomous Network) gathered to advocate for this bill.  Although the vast majority of citizens attending were advocating decriminalization to facilitate the utility of medical and recreational cannabis, anarchist and antifascist support was largely predicated on the fact that this bill would be an important cap in the prison pipeline for petty drug crimes.

No Town for Bro Men

Alt-Right Plans Conference in Detroit

If you’re too racist to find work, make some. 

The plot of Megamind is familiar: A Super-Hero does such a great job ridding the city of evil, he finds himself with a lack of nemesis to battle.  So he concocts a plan to create a convenient, easy-to-defeat villain.

Maybe it could work in real life if you weren’t also magaracist, megabigotted and megastupid.  Kyle Bristow is all of these.

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