Interview of “Redneck” Activist and Grassroots Organizer Dr. Zac Henson

by Journalist Jae Em Carico

Zac Henson is a native of Birmingham, Alabama where he organizes cooperative institutions of self government.  He engages regionally in the American South through his content page Confessions of a Mad Redneck.  Journalist Jae Em Carico recently had a conversation with Hensen to ask about his thoughts on social justice, tactics, fascist appropriation of leftist culture, and more.

Exclusive Interview of Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain

by Journalist Jae Em Carico

Sean Swain is an artist, musician, prolific writer and a anarchist prisoner in Warren Correctional Institute in Lebanon, Ohio.  In January 2018, Sean was interviewed by journalist Jae Em Carico concerning activism, revolution and communalization.  The following are Sean’s thoughts and insights into those topics.

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