CBSA Collaborator G4S Data Leaked

"Canadian ICE" Security Firm Exposed

The CBSA is the Canadian state's equivalent of ICE, it has conducted integrated border patrols (along with the RCMP) with ICE/Border Patrol/US Coast Guard units since the 90s, and runs Canada's three concentration camps for undocumented immigrants in Vancouver, Toronto, and Laval - where children are also imprisoned. Over a dozen people have died in these camps, either through neglect or killed by guards. Their security personell are subcontracted out to the multinational security firm G4S.

Here's the personal information scraped from LinkedIn about these collaborators, just like people have done with their american counterparts. Sunlight cleanses.

CBSA Agents and Vancouver Police collaborate at a 2010 Tent City housing protest [Photo: "2010 Legal Observers" on Flickr CC-BY-SA-2.0]

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