Throw Down in Motown: Alt-right plans conference in Detroit

The alt-right think-tank Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, which makes it sound like a deli near the checkout at Walmart, should more appropriately be called The Church of I’m-gonna-get-back-at-you-god-dang-it, which met perpetually in the moldy basement by the dryer next to grandpa’s crossbow and hustlers.  That is, until they found the keys to uncle Adolf’s Freud F150, a monster truck with five gas pedals and no steering wheel.

Now, theyre looking for a parking spot in Mexicantown.

#DefendDetroit: Know Your Nazis

Who to Expect at Richard Spencer's Conference in Detroit on March 4th, 2018

On Sunday, March 4th, Richard Spencer will attend and speak at the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas (FMI) conference in Detroit.  Spencer will be accompanied by an entourage of notorious fascists.  In this article, we’ll introduce you to the white nationalists and groups likely to attend.

Additionally, we call upon the people of Detroit.  If you see something, say something!  If you encounter one of these white nationalists in a restaurant or hotel, consider denying them service.  You can also contact us via email or send us a private message on our Facebook page to report their whereabouts.

No Town for Bro Men

Alt-Right Plans Conference in Detroit

If you’re too racist to find work, make some. 

The plot of Megamind is familiar: A Super-Hero does such a great job ridding the city of evil, he finds himself with a lack of nemesis to battle.  So he concocts a plan to create a convenient, easy-to-defeat villain.

Maybe it could work in real life if you weren’t also magaracist, megabigotted and megastupid.  Kyle Bristow is all of these.

Shut Down Richard Spencer Events

Detroit and Lansing March 4-5th, 2018

Detroit, MI - On January 27th, 2018, the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas (FMI) announced that Michigan would be subjected to an Alt-Right Conference on March 4-5, 2018.  FMI is a blatantly alt-right legal arm founded by white supremacist Kyle Bristow which raises money and provides legal defense and support for Richard Spencer and various white nationalists.

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