Delivering A Devastating Blow to Human Slavery

Prison Strike 2018

Chattel slavery was supposedly terminated in 1865.  So why, in 2018, are human beings kept in cages and forced to work for pennies and “rented” and “traded” around the country? 

This is the reality of the prison labor force in America.  The American prison industry costs around $70 billion per year to sustain, and the vast majority of that cost is passed on to prisoners, their families and the American tax-payer.  However, there is an additional billion-dollar industry that is largely overlooked by the public:  prison labor for profit.  Detention centers negotiate lucrative contracts with industry to exploit prisoners as a labor source for pennies per hour, hardly a living wage.  Most of what they earn is quickly gobbled up by the company store model, “commissary” in which the basic necessities of life are sold.  A cup of ramen soup can cost 10 hours of hard labor in this model.  Meanwhile, corporations reap astronomical profits from both the labor and the contracts providing goods to the incarcerated.

Jeff P. Lecouris, Indiana State Prison Guard and Nazi Cosplay and Memorabilia Enthusiast

Our collective was recently alerted to the fact that a Corrections Officer named Jeff Lecouris who claims on public social media to be employed by the Indiana Department of Corrections, has also posted pictures on public social media platforms of himself wearing Nazi uniforms, his extensive collection of Nazi memorabilia such as Hitler photos, Hitler stamps, World War II era medals and pins, and more.  This is coupled with a troubling series of posts in which he displays a penchant for violence, misogyny, and a general disregard for the humanity of Prisoners.  Because he was generous enough to provide this information on public forum, we have collated it into the article below.  

Todd M. Taulbee, Drummer from Florida band “Shovelhead” is an unapologetic white nationalist

Todd M. Taulbee (D.O.B. 04/19/1966) has been identified as an active white nationalist in Pompano Beach, Florida.  Taulbee has unique features including long dreadlocks, a goatee and the number 13 prominently tattooed on his throat.  Taulbee touts himself as a “WHITE, conservative, christian/Odinist, USA, TRUMP loving, gun owning, pro WALL, anti-immigration, NATIONALIST, pro Ethnic European culture, 14 words following, cis male with dreadlocks.  (*Note: The 14 words is a reference to the most popular white supremacist slogan in the world, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”) 

Aryan Brotherhood member Collin Hymes is identified in Ohio

Collin Michael Hymes (D.O.B. 06/23/1989) has been identified as a member of the Aryan Brotherhood.  Collin’s last known address was purported to be 440 Jefferson St. Sidney, Ohio 45365-2118.  His social media pages indicate he is currently employed at Aggressive Concepts located at 202 E. Northern Ave., Lima, Ohio 45801, telephone number (419)229-9824. 

Leftist Community Coalition Disrupts ALEC Conference in Nashville, Tennessee

On Thursday, December 7th, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) held their Nation and States Policy Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.  A coalition of Leftists including Democratic Socialists of America, Showing Up for Racial Justice, Anarchist Black Cross Nashville, Nashville AntiFa, local workers’ collectives, anticapitalists, and antifascists from throughout the state of Tennessee assembled to disrupt and obfuscate the ALEC conference.  The purpose of the disruption was to send a message to lawmakers and corporate interests that ALEC is neither welcome in Nashville, Tennessee nor is their continued influence over politicians acceptable.

Direct Action Wins Back Workers' Stolen Wages

Nashville, Tennessee- Sunday, July 23rd Workers’ Dignity organized an action in front of the Nashville West location of Target.  This store contracted an outside firm called “Diversified Maintenance” to clean the store using wage worker labor.  Diversified Maintenance had not paid the workers for their labor up to that date and several thousand dollars were owed to these individuals.  A broad coalition of community members including, Nashville AntiFa, Nashville Feminist Collective, and other economic justice organizations came together to support Workers' Dignity and the laborers who were demanding payment for their hard work.  


Tattoo Shop in Orange Park, Florida is a Fertile Ground for Violent and Pedophilic White Nationalist Criminals

On a warm, June afternoon in Marion County, Indiana, Ashley McNeil walked cheerfully home after doing some light shopping at a convenience store near her house.  The year was 2001, and the 13-year old McNeil had no idea what was to transpire as she bounded through the door to head home. Shortly before, a 21-year old self-admitted Neo-Nazi named Trevor Thompson (A.K.A. Trey Hooligan, D.O.B. 09/07/1980) had argued on the street with several Black men in the nearby area.  Thompson was a habitual methamphetamine user and had been awake for three days straight, spoiling for a fight.  To that end, he was driving around the area and targeting people of color (POC) with impunity for his rage.  Thompson was and is a career racist, having strong ties to the Hammerskins and the World Church of the Creator World Church of the Creator.  However, he failed to gain ground with the adult POC with whom he had argued.  Instead, he drove around town looking for easier targets.  It was then, that he spotted Ashley McNeil.  Perhaps it was the slightness of her teenage frame, or spring in her step that caught his eye?  We may never know what caught his attention, but we do know what provoked his ire.  Ashley is Black, and so Thompson drove up to where she was walking near Keystone and Hanna, and leaned out of the window of his car.  He pointed a gun at the terrified child, and he fired it.  The bullet struck Ashley in the hip, missing an artery by only a few inches, narrowly sparing her life.  

​Solidarity with Brazil in the wake of the assassination of Marielle Franco

Great Lakes Antifa em Solidariedade com a vida e luta de Marielle Franco
Marielle, PRESENTE! hoje e sempre!

[Great Lakes Antifa in Solidarity with the life and struggle of Marielle Franco
Marielle, YOU ARE PRESENT! today and always!]

Nós, do Great Lakes Antifa, declaramos a nossa solidariedade, LUTA e LUTO com Marielle Franco, compa de fibra assassinada ha poucos dias; ela veio do coração da favela, se descrevia como “Mulher, Mae, Negra, e cria da Maré” para mexer estruturas em prol dos invisíveis e silenciados - a essa poderosa guerreira, fica nosso SARAVÁ!

[We, from Great Lakes Antifa, are in solidarity, grief and struggle with our sister Marielle Franco, comrade that came from the heart of the favela, assassinated recently; she self-described as “Woman, Mother, Black, and daughter of Favela da Maré” always ready to shake stiff social structures with the voiceless and invisible - to this powerful social justice warrior, we say SARAVÁ!]

Marielle sempre foi uma voz contra a brutalidade seletiva da policia, que reprime e controla corpos explorados para defender os privilégios e interesses de uma elite porca, que prefere ver o pobre morto do que dividir seus lucros sugados do povo.

[Marielle was always a voice against the selective brutality of the police, that represses and controls exploited bodies in order to defend the privileges and interests of a scum elite, whom prefers to see the poor dead than to share profits leeched from the masses.]

Nao é surpresa pra ninguém que o lote das balas usados na execução politica sao tracados para os poroes da Policia Federal em Brasilia. Tambem nao é surpresa que esse mesmo lote foi usado na chacina de Osasco de 2015, quando 3 policiais militares e 1 guarda civil apertaram o gatilho e mataram 17 pessoas. O genocidio dos invisiveis e indesejáveis dessa sociedade capitalista escrota continua todos os dias, e Marielle enfrentava com sua voz e coragem essas forças.

[It is not a surprise to anybody that the bullets used on the political assassination were traced to the federal police headquarters in Brasilia. It is also NOT a surprise that the same bullet lot was used in the infamous murder of 17 people that came to be known as the “Chacina de Osasco” in 2015, when 3 police officers and 1 armed civil guard pulled the happy triggers. The genocide of the undesirables and invisibles of this fucked capitalist society continues every day, and Marielle faced those forces with her voice and courage.]

No Brasil, na America Latina, e ate nos Estados Unidos, vale o que a cantora Elza Soares cantou: “A carne mais barata do mercado é a carne preta”. Mariella se levantou e morreu por lutar contra isso. O luto e a luta nao tem fronteiras.

Marielle, presente hoje e sempre!

[In Brazil, in Latin America, and even here in the United States, it is as Elza Soares sang: “The cheapest meat in the market is black”. Marielle rose and died because she struggled against this. The grief and the struggle have no borders.

Marielle, present today and always! ]

Combatting the Prison Industrial Complex

Advocating Decriminalization of Illicit Drug Use in Nashville

Nashville, TN - On February 6th, 2018 local residents converged on the Cordell Hull Building in Nashville, Tennessee to encourage the Commissioner to support a bill that would effectively decriminalize marijuana use.  Local anarchists and antifascists (Nashville AntiFa, Nashville Anarchist Black Cross, and Middle Tennessee Autonomous Network) gathered to advocate for this bill.  Although the vast majority of citizens attending were advocating decriminalization to facilitate the utility of medical and recreational cannabis, anarchist and antifascist support was largely predicated on the fact that this bill would be an important cap in the prison pipeline for petty drug crimes.

American Renaissance Disruption Report Back 2017

Nashville AntiFa participated in the disruption of the American Renaissance (AmRen) conference held in Burns, Tennessee July 28th-30th at the Montgomery Bell State Park.  AmRen is a veritable who’s who of white supremacists who gather annually to espouse largely antiquated and refuted pseudoscientific claims that cis-heterosexual white males are superior to their numerous counterparts (queer, POC, femme, etc.).  Organized by Jared Taylor, this conference is a keystone event for suit-and-tie racists seeking to expand their hateful platform under the fetishized guise of “free speech”.  Attendees included Richard Spencer (everyone’s most memorable hit from 2017), Nathan Damigo of Identity Evropa (known for assaulting femme-presenting AntiFA Louise Rosealma at Berkeley), and several other adherents to the “white identity movement” and the “Alt-Right movement”. 

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