DECARCERATE LOUISIANA: Community Submitted by Akron

Administrators are forcing inmates participating in the Angola labor strike back to work at gunpoint. This is what slavery looks like. Support these human beings. Call your congressional rep, call the prison, call everyone you know and tell them to raise their voice against this. 

Here is a first hand account from a prisoner inside of the strike. 


Scranton Police Department Facebook Group: A Digital Occupation

At its height of popularity, the Scranton Police Department public Facebook group was packed with over 15,000 ardent supporters of the local police.  Most members of the online group were local to Scranton, Pennsylvania, or had lived in the area at some point in their lives.  The group was founded in early 2012 by Allie Massey, a Scranton resident, who cheerfully administrated the bustling online community.

If you scroll through the content of the page you can view a myriad of Blue Lives Matter Flags, memes calling for prayers and safety of the police, notices of missing people reports and lost pets.  You’ll also view a smattering of racist, sexist and anti-Obama content. 


The Last WW2 Nazi War Criminal - Meet Jakiw Palij

For over 60 years Jakiw Palij has lived a mostly quiet life in America.  But on June 9th, 2004 Palij was stripped of U.S. citizenship in Immigration Court after he was exposed as a guard at the Trawniki labor camp where over 6,000 Jews were murdered during a massacre in 1943.  Palij was found to have lied about his involvement on his subsequent visa application.

The First Anniversary of #DisruptJ20

Report Back

Saturday, January 20th, 2018 marked the 1 year anniversary of the disruption of the inauguration of President Trump, and the arrests of over 200 demonstrators, journalists, medics and legal observers at the infamous L12 kettle in Washington DC.  Following #Disrupt J20, 194 defendants were each ultimately charged with multiple felonies, and faced decades in prison.  Six defendants were acquitted in the first trial in December 2017, and prosecutors subsequently dropped all charges against 129 of the defendants.  59 defendants remain under the threat of 60-70 years of incarceration.

The Struggalo continues:

Great Lakes AntiFa demonstrates in solidarity with the Juggalo March on Washington, D.C.

On September 16th, 2017 two rallies were planned in Washington, D.C., one was slated to be the “Mother of All Rallies” (MOAR) in support of the sitting president, while the other, coined the “Juggalo March” was an effort to fight federal overreach against fans of the musical group Insane Clown Posse (ICP).  The MOAR promised to yield millions of marchers, dwarfing all other rallies and demonstrating the might of the conservative base which elected Donald Trump.  Conversely, fans of ICP were not seeking to display their political prowess.  Instead, they sought to challenge the Federal Bureau of Investigations’ (F.B.I.) designation of them as a gang.

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