Families of Police Victims Create Community Amidst Tragedy

(UR) - Roseville, MN - Over a dozen family members of loved ones killed by police graced a packed banquet in remembrance of Cordale Handy on Saturday, March 18, 2018. At the Radisson Hotel in Roseville, Minnesota, a suburb of St. Paul, around 100 people came out to honor and remember Cordale Handy, as well as many other victims and to share a space to grieve, support, and heal. Near the end of the banquet, Kim Handy-Jones gave the families of Marcus Golden and Jaffort Smith donations of headstones for their gravesites.

#AustinBomber Held Right-Wing Views

In yet another story to file into the "duh" folder, Mark Conditt, the troubled young man homegrown terrorist responsible for a string of bombings in Texas this month held anti-LGBTQ+, anti-abortion, and pro-death penalty views, which he outlined in a blog he maintained for a government class he'd taken.  The blog was confirmed to be Conditt's through multiple sources, including the Dallas Morning Times.

Illinois Nazi Wins GOP Primary for Congress

(BoingBoing) - The Illinois Republican Party was unable to draft a candidate against Holocaust denier Arthur Jones, and now he's won the Republican primary in Illinois' Third Congressional District. Jones is a former member of the American Nazi Party and, as a student at the University of Wisconsin, founded a conservative newspaper and was active in the Young Republicans and a Nationalist Socialist student group. The good news is that the Third Congressional District is heavily Democratic, but in these crazy times of Russian meddling and the refusal of the White House to disavow American Nazis, there's no telling who will win.

​Solidarity with Brazil in the wake of the assassination of Marielle Franco

Great Lakes Antifa em Solidariedade com a vida e luta de Marielle Franco
Marielle, PRESENTE! hoje e sempre!

[Great Lakes Antifa in Solidarity with the life and struggle of Marielle Franco
Marielle, YOU ARE PRESENT! today and always!]

Nós, do Great Lakes Antifa, declaramos a nossa solidariedade, LUTA e LUTO com Marielle Franco, compa de fibra assassinada ha poucos dias; ela veio do coração da favela, se descrevia como “Mulher, Mae, Negra, e cria da Maré” para mexer estruturas em prol dos invisíveis e silenciados - a essa poderosa guerreira, fica nosso SARAVÁ!

[We, from Great Lakes Antifa, are in solidarity, grief and struggle with our sister Marielle Franco, comrade that came from the heart of the favela, assassinated recently; she self-described as “Woman, Mother, Black, and daughter of Favela da Maré” always ready to shake stiff social structures with the voiceless and invisible - to this powerful social justice warrior, we say SARAVÁ!]

Marielle sempre foi uma voz contra a brutalidade seletiva da policia, que reprime e controla corpos explorados para defender os privilégios e interesses de uma elite porca, que prefere ver o pobre morto do que dividir seus lucros sugados do povo.

[Marielle was always a voice against the selective brutality of the police, that represses and controls exploited bodies in order to defend the privileges and interests of a scum elite, whom prefers to see the poor dead than to share profits leeched from the masses.]

Nao é surpresa pra ninguém que o lote das balas usados na execução politica sao tracados para os poroes da Policia Federal em Brasilia. Tambem nao é surpresa que esse mesmo lote foi usado na chacina de Osasco de 2015, quando 3 policiais militares e 1 guarda civil apertaram o gatilho e mataram 17 pessoas. O genocidio dos invisiveis e indesejáveis dessa sociedade capitalista escrota continua todos os dias, e Marielle enfrentava com sua voz e coragem essas forças.

[It is not a surprise to anybody that the bullets used on the political assassination were traced to the federal police headquarters in Brasilia. It is also NOT a surprise that the same bullet lot was used in the infamous murder of 17 people that came to be known as the “Chacina de Osasco” in 2015, when 3 police officers and 1 armed civil guard pulled the happy triggers. The genocide of the undesirables and invisibles of this fucked capitalist society continues every day, and Marielle faced those forces with her voice and courage.]

No Brasil, na America Latina, e ate nos Estados Unidos, vale o que a cantora Elza Soares cantou: “A carne mais barata do mercado é a carne preta”. Mariella se levantou e morreu por lutar contra isso. O luto e a luta nao tem fronteiras.

Marielle, presente hoje e sempre!

[In Brazil, in Latin America, and even here in the United States, it is as Elza Soares sang: “The cheapest meat in the market is black”. Marielle rose and died because she struggled against this. The grief and the struggle have no borders.

Marielle, present today and always!
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yktrUMoc1Xw ]

FMI Site Shuts Down Amidst #WhiteSupremacy Movement Turmoil

The so-called Alt-Right (read: white supremacist & neo-nazi movements) has had a rough couple weeks following Richard Spencer's failed attempts to rally in Michigan earlier this month.  Among the latest developments in this spectacular implosion is the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas (FMI) seemingly throwing in the towel, as they've now taken their website offline.

Silence Broken

On Vitriol, Violence & Wasted Potential

Sometimes, in the interest of upholding the appearance of solidarity and unity amongst larger ideologically-connected groups, one must take a few lumps, keep their head down, and push on with the tasks in front of them – all the while internalizing yet compartmentalizing the loud, outside voices of their detractors.  There comes a time, however, when those disparaging voices must be met and confronted with a potent dose of reality.  For those of us within the Great Lakes Antifa media collective and its associated affinity groups, that time is now.

Water Protector Support

Happi AmericanHorse Held Captive By The U.S. Empire

Click the above image to support Happi via PayPal

Republished with permission from Enough is Enough

Happi is currently being held captive by the U.S. Empire around his traditional Lakota homelands (so-called Bismarck, North Dakota). He is in Burleigh / Morton County Detention Center. Any and all funds will be used for his freedom. As a frontline warrior, he took courage during the #NoDAPL struggle by putting his body in front of earth-destroying construction equipment and stood up for the people. Happi continues to inspire with his humble and happy spirit.

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