Last week, we wrote about an upcoming open carry rally and the thinly veiled racist and fascist connections of its organizer and top speaker.  Today, the university has responded by ordering that they "cease and desist from advertising a planned rally on campus" due to the fact that the organizer, Kaitlin Bennett, has failed to properly register and gain university approval for the event.

Despite her own failure to properly organize and register her event, Bennett did what any good crypto-fascist does.  She logged onto social media and whined that the university was showing their "liberal bias" and attempting to censor her.

Shortly after our article highlighting the various fascist elements Bennett's groups - and those of her star speaker, Joey Gibson - actively and repeatedly court, several organizers in northeast Ohio began to put a counter demonstration into motion.  Groups including Black Lives Matter Cleveland, Black United Students at Kent State, the NAACP chapter of Euclid, Ohio, and several others activated in order to counter the masses of white supremacists the event was intended to draw.

While she insists that her and her event are not intended for racists and fascists, Bennett has refused to publicly disavow them, and has also refused to disavow and remove Joey Gibson from the event. 

As we reported before, Gibson has a long and storied history of courting neo-nazis and racists to attend his events.  Earlier this month in Portland, Oregon, Unicorn Riot noted that Anti-Communist Action, a group with neo-nazi ties, was welcomed and in attendance.  Other groups welcomed in Gibson's corners include the Proud Boys (who recently commended Nazi Germany on Facebook for committing "an efficient genocide," while sympathizing with Monday's neo-nazi uprising in Chemnitz) and Identity Evropa.

At the same rally, Gibson's right-hand man, Tusitala "Tiny" Toese, was seen wearing a "Pinochet did nothing wrong" shirt.  The image Bennett used to promote Gibson's presence at the rally also showed him in a hoodie glorifying the Chilean dictator's violence.

It doesn't appear that this saga is over, however, as Bennett has stated that she and her cronies have no intention of abandoning the event.

We will be keeping a close eye on the situation, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest information.

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