Our collective was recently alerted to the fact that a Corrections Officer named Jeff Lecouris who claims on public social media to be employed by the Indiana Department of Corrections, has also posted pictures on public social media platforms of himself wearing Nazi uniforms, his extensive collection of Nazi memorabilia such as Hitler photos, Hitler stamps, World War II era medals and pins, and more.  This is coupled with a troubling series of posts in which he displays a penchant for violence, misogyny, and a general disregard for the humanity of Prisoners.  Because he was generous enough to provide this information on public forum, we have collated it into the article below.  

Michigan City, Indiana- The Midwestern town of Michigan City, Indiana is remniscient of a quiet, bucolic scene from a Thomas Kinkade painting.  However, looming above the city is the Indiana State Prison (ISP), which houses both maximum security and minimum security adult male inmates. 

Recently, mainstream media has been shedding light on the atrocities being done in detention centers and correctional facilities around the country, and it seemed appropriate to highlight the type of staff that these facilities employ.  In this facility, 2300 Prisoners are held under the Warden Ron Neal (telephone number 219-874-7258, address 1 Park Row St. Michigan City, Indiana 46360).  In addition to the Warden and his staff, the Prisoners are held under the purview of a Jeff P. Lecouris (age 29).  Mr. Lecouris is a corrections officer in the Indiana Department of Corrections in the Michigan City ISP facility (according to his facebook profile).

Corrections Officer Jeff Lecouris is an avid Nazi enthusiast.  He likes to spend his free time cosplaying as a World War II Nazi, and has images on his public Facebook profile as recent as August 16th, 2018 with him wearing Nazi regalia and costumery.  This uniform includes the Nazi War Eagle perched on a swastika in numerous places (including the lapel and hat).

He avidly collects Nazi World War II memorabilia such as this photograph print of Adolph Hitler.  Even when friends encourage him to sell it, he staunchly refuses.

He participates in stamp collecting/selling/exchanging and has an extensive Hitler-themed World War II stamp collection which he has carefully curated.

He collects Nazi pins and medals, calling these War Merit Cross 1st Class and Panzer Skull RZM original World War 2 regalia "Find of the Day" in his public posts. 

His family appears to enjoy his Nazi enthusiast hobby as well, as they pose in front of the German Iron Cross banner together with Jeff in his Nazi uniform. Additionally, Jeff adds dramatic flair to a black and white photo of himself during a live-action roleplay which screams "Straight Outta Deutschland".

But does his hobby influence his feelings on Nazis in real life?  Well, he appears to enjoy advocating for Nazi rights on social media.  Left, Jeff Lecouris shares a meme from the Alt-Right facebook page "God Emperor Trump" which reads, "Facts: Whether you like it or not, Nazis have rights until they commit an actual crime."  These meme sharing incidents underscore that Jeff's sympathies lie in protecting the rights of Nazis/fascists.  

This begs the next question of, if Jeff Lecouris is so concerned with protecting people's "rights", how does he feel about antifacist's rights to peacefully assemble, protest, or live their lives as they see fit.  In an unsurprising turn of events, Corrections Officer Jeff Lecouris refers to antiracist/antifascist protestors as “filth” and allows his friends to advocate shooting them on his public social media profile.  Matthew Scott proposes, "Just start shooting them at protests.  Then you don't have to hunt."  Chris Beal chimes in, "I agree....".  Matthew James Gillis responds, "Well if they are part of ANTIFA they aren't all that innocent."  While Zachary Goodrich replies, "Commies.  The lot of em."  Another friend, Sarah Dial displays her complete lack of knowledge on the political spectrum by offering up this gem, "Communists are more closely related in political belief to the Fascist".

Officer Jeff Lecouris displays a great deal of disdain for people who don't follow the order within his world view.  Below right, he opines, "Cyclists who do not observe the rules of the road, deserve to get hit by cars." This is unsettling because he seems to find no room for error, and seems comfortable dehumanizing a cyclist for perhaps simply making a mistake.  In addition to pontificating the vehicular violence upon cyclists, he shares violent content such as the following meme  (Below) which asks “It’s Monday?  Time to rape, pillage, and plunder.”

Officer Jeff Lecouris shares misogynistic views, such as the following content which reads, “can we bring back boys taking girls on dates and opening the car door for them and bringing flowers for no reason”? to which he replied, “We did.  They started laughing and calling us gay, and dating the guys who didn’t.  He also opines how “It is always, oh, so satisfying to see a picture of your ex, and she just looks BAD.”

This pattern of behavior is compounded by the fact that his lack of empathy apparently extends to Prisoners.  Indiana Dept. of Corrections Officer Jeff Lecouris has also shared a video of St. Louis inmates screaming for help from inside of a prison where temperatures rose above 100 degrees F.  He commented gleefully “Hilarious!!!! Shoulda thought about that before making the decision to become a criminal.” Which clearly demonstrates his lack of compassion for the very humanity of the individuals he is supposed to be protecting and serving in his capacity as a Corrections Officer. 

Together, these images collected from his public social media page lead us to conclude that Jeff Lecouris has an unsettling pattern of enthusiasm for Nazi cosplay, Nazi collectibles and memorabilia, coupled with sharing misogynistic and violent statements and exhibiting a careless attitude toward Prisoner suffering.  We ask that the Indiana Dept. of Corrections take a look at the evidence and that they, as well as the community hold him accountable for his actions.  



  • M. Kathleen Kennedy  
    Jeff Lecouris publicly posted: "Cyclists who do not observe the rules of the road deserve to get hit by cars. Here endeth the lesson." This is so insensitive in theA wake of the accident of one on his own collegues. Who are you hiring?
  • Belinda Brinkley  
    This is horrible that a person who has these beliefs is responsible for lives of inmates and their well being. Only in America

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