Administrators are forcing inmates participating in the Angola labor strike back to work at gunpoint. This is what slavery looks like. Support these human beings. Call your congressional rep, call the prison, call everyone you know and tell them to raise their voice against this. 

Here is a first hand account from a prisoner inside of the strike. 


The work stoppage on that block has been going on for about a month. About 50 prisoners were refusing to work. On Friday, they were given an ultimatum that if they did not return to work the next week (this week) they’d be placed in solitary. On Monday they continued to strike. On Tuesday morning the warden and assistant were warden went in to break the strike. The warden called them n—�-s and the asst warden hit another prisoner with the wooden rod. That is when prisoners retaliated in self-defense. 27 of those who had been refusing continued to refuse, so I guess the rest went to the fields. On Wednesday morning the warden and assistant warden returned with guns drawn and forced everybody back to work at gunpoint.

"Classmates Not Cellmates"
Decarcerate Louisiana is a "social change movement, connecting people working for restorative justice inside and outside the prison system.”  You can read more about the movement here



  • Randall Baith  
    When a person commits a crime, they are committing it to the community and/or State. They now owe a debt to society. It is a debt to the State ie..(us).
    These people are well aware of the consequences for criminal activity. It is not unlawful for State Prisons to provide security for themselves, the community, and the population, it is mandatory.

    Slavery is being captured and made to work without pay or Due Process. They had their Due Process in court, now they must pay the price.

    As a P.I., I am not seeing any evidence, you only have one statement that is not even cited or quoted. I think it is well worth noting that there are a lot of people out there that throw the N-Word around like it is a hand grenade, and both sides have truckloads of these hand grenades. there are two sides to every story, and I am only seeing one.
    • Great Lakes Antifa  
      A debt can be paid to society without incarceration, a practice which is not focused on rehabilitating offenders. Rather, it is utilized to line the pockets of those at the helm the carceral-industrial complex by providing them with massive amounts of slave labor, often for victimless crimes.

      There are plenty of practices in an abolitionist society that focus on rehabilitation of offenders through victim-led transformative and restorative justice processes.

      In regard to your objection to the use of the word "slavery," take a look at the wording of the 13th amendment, where it specifically provides a loophole ("except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted") for the practice to continue through the carceral system.

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