Collin Michael Hymes (D.O.B. 06/23/1989) has been identified as a member of the Aryan Brotherhood.  Collin’s last known address was purported to be 440 Jefferson St. Sidney, Ohio 45365-2118.  His social media pages indicate he is currently employed at Aggressive Concepts located at 202 E. Northern Ave., Lima, Ohio 45801, telephone number (419)229-9824. 

Collin has a large social media presence that indicates he is affiliated with white nationalist organizing through prison gangs such as the Aryan Brotherhood.  Collin also frequently posts content indicating he is an adherent to either Asatru or Odinism as evidenced by his numerous references to “heathen pride”, “berserkers worldwide”, “Valhalla” and various Viking and/or Norse iconography.

Collin’s profile includes open statements that he is a “down ass peckerwood (23-16)” which is a coded gang vernacular associated with the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang as recently as March 1, 2018.

Collin frequently posts anti-Semitic content on his page, including memes suggesting that Jewish spiritual leaders keep the foreskins from the infants they circumcise

Collin also posts racist memes calling Black people "bums" who like Newport cigarettes.

A large portion of Collin’s social media page is devoted to misogynistic posts indicating women are inferior in intellect, and are merely sex objects.

Collin also posts extensively on the prowess of white boys in the sexual realm.

Unfortunately, this may not translate into his personal life because his social media is also rife with examples of self pleasure like his reposting of an instructional video on how to make DIY sex toys that “Feel even better than the real thing!!!”.

Although it is difficult to determine when Collin’s affiliation with white nationalist gangs began, evidence indicates he was radicalized when he was incarcerated multiple times for drug-affiliated charges.  He has numerous tattoos from his time in the industrial carceral complex that demonstrate his affiliation with white nationalist gangs including the Valknut (a powerful Old Norse symbol representing slain warriors), the Celtic cross (commonly used as a neo-Nazi symbol), the New Axis modified or “occult” swastika (also called the Volkisch Rune), and an inverted Thor’s hammer (signifying adherence to Odinist/Old Norse religion).

Collin has an extensive arrest record including:

  • An arrest on 1/5/2016 for trafficking drugs Schedule I or II, trafficking drugs schedule III or IV.
  • An arrest on 3/1/2016 in Shelby County, Ohio.
  • An arrest on 10/1/2015 in Sidney, Ohio for three counts of trafficking drugs.
  • An arrest on 9/14/2015 for drug trafficking in Shelby County, Ohio.
  • An arrest on 4/18/2014 for probation violation in Shelby County, Ohio.
  • An arrest on 4/3/2014 for probation violation in Shelby County, Ohio.
  • An arrest on 6/11/2013 in Shelby County, Ohio.
  • An arrest on 9/12/2012 in Shelby County, Ohio.
  • An arrest on 11/6/2012 in Shelby County, Ohio.
  • An arrest on 5/27/2009 (and commitment until 8/10/2009) for probation violation.

Collin’s arrest records coupled with his posts indicate he is enmeshed in drug culture and has been involved in drug trafficking.  He frequently shares memes about Xanax from pages such as “The Junkies Escape”. 

Collin’s social media page indicates he is in a relationship with Kayla Brooks, who currently resides in Huber Heights, Ohio (graduated from Colorado Technical University with an Associate in Business Administration in Sept. 2011) as determined by her public social media postings.  We advise our networks to be aware that Collin Hymes is present in the greater Dayton, Sidney and Lima areas of Ohio and he should be monitored as a potential latent threat.

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