For over 60 years Jakiw Palij has lived a mostly quiet life in America.  But on June 9th, 2004 Palij was stripped of U.S. citizenship in Immigration Court after he was exposed as a guard at the Trawniki labor camp where over 6,000 Jews were murdered during a massacre in 1943.  Palij was found to have lied about his involvement on his subsequent visa application.

Nearly fourteen years later, and Jakiw Palij still resides in the sleepy neighborhood at 3318 89th St, Jackson Heights, NY 11372.  Although ICE has repeatedly attacked disabled children, raiding hospitals and homes, they have refused to deport the last Nazi war criminal in America. 

Palij is a retired draftsman who resides in his apartment with his wife, Maria.  Palij was born in Paduak, Poland (now part of Ukraine), and maintained in his citizenship applications that he sat out the war, working on his family farm from 1942 to 1944.  

World War II criminals are not eligible for prosecution by the United States injustice system generally due to esoteric legal maneuvers (they did not act as U.S. citizens, and crimes were committed on foreign soil), so Palij has been successfully prosecuted for lying on his citizenship application, which thereby was "issued on false pretenses".  

Palij was a documented guard at the Trawniki concentration camp, a forced labor camp for Jewish prisoners.  He put on the uniform, received his directions, and carried out his mission with German weapons.  

Palij has never apologized or recanted his deeds nor the ideology that facilitated them.  He's worked relentlessly with a legal team to remain comfortably in America, free from any consequences.

His last known phone number is 718-899-3256.

His last known address:

More details will be shared as this story emerges.

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