On a warm, June afternoon in Marion County, Indiana, Ashley McNeil walked cheerfully home after doing some light shopping at a convenience store near her house.  The year was 2001, and the 13-year old McNeil had no idea what was to transpire as she bounded through the door to head home. Shortly before, a 21-year old self-admitted Neo-Nazi named Trevor Thompson (A.K.A. Trey Hooligan, D.O.B. 09/07/1980) had argued on the street with several Black men in the nearby area.  Thompson was a habitual methamphetamine user and had been awake for three days straight, spoiling for a fight.  To that end, he was driving around the area and targeting people of color (POC) with impunity for his rage.  Thompson was and is a career racist, having strong ties to the Hammerskins and the World Church of the Creator World Church of the Creator.  However, he failed to gain ground with the adult POC with whom he had argued.  Instead, he drove around town looking for easier targets.  It was then, that he spotted Ashley McNeil.  Perhaps it was the slightness of her teenage frame, or spring in her step that caught his eye?  We may never know what caught his attention, but we do know what provoked his ire.  Ashley is Black, and so Thompson drove up to where she was walking near Keystone and Hanna, and leaned out of the window of his car.  He pointed a gun at the terrified child, and he fired it.  The bullet struck Ashley in the hip, missing an artery by only a few inches, narrowly sparing her life.  

Above: Newspaper article detailing the hate crime shooting of Ashley McNeil, and the grisly murder of Thompson’s pregnant girlfriend, Jamie Meeks.

Thompson fled from law enforcement after the shooting, but his brief time on the lam was cut short when his pregnant girlfriend, 23-year old Jamie D. Meeks, turned him into the authorities.  In a lurid turn of events, Meeks was found brutally murdered by shotgun blast shortly thereafter.  Tragically, she was 32 weeks pregnant and their child did not survive.    Police arrested Karen L. Melton, who was Thompson’s lover as well, at the time, raising questions about his role in the murder.

Thompson was never charged in connection with the murder of his pregnant partner, but was indicted and convicted for the shooting of Ashley McNeil.  Although he faced 30-years in prison for his crimes and his ties to white nationalism were well known, Thompson served less than half of this sentence; about 11 years at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility in Indiana.  He was released back into the community on Nov. 8th, 2013.  

Trevor Thompson was not rehabilitated by his incarceration.  Upon release, he began organizing with the Hammerskins “Crew 38” and eventually settled in the quiet town of Orange Park, Florida outside of Jacksonville.  Thompson quickly retraced the steps of his past and continues to proudly wear the symbols of his white nationalist organizations (such as the Hammerskin Nation emblems).  He surrounds himself with items associated with the Nazi movement, including German military gear and Nazi SS symbols (indicative of the Schutzstaffel, a major paramilitary organization under Adolf Hitler).  He began working at Fantasy Tattoo and Piercing located at 2151 Loch Rane Blvd. Ste. 1, Orange Park, Florida 32073.  While employed there, he has received broad

Above: Thompson poses for a picture.  On the shelf above, images of the Nazi SS, and a German helmet are displayed.  Hammerskins “Crew 38” emblem is also visible.

community support, as evidenced by the reviews left on social media pages for his employer and the public.  Thompson (who goes by the nickname Trey Hooligan) also has an extensive portfolio of fascist tattoos he has placed on customers with alacrity.He has an extensive portfolio of fascist artwork including "Fuck AntiFa", and "Anti-communist Death Squad" tattoos.

Thompson is not the only fascist associated with Fantasy Tattoo and Piercing.  Several unsavory characters have been linked to this organization, which seems to be the “go-to” place for Orange Park’s burgeoning Neo-Nazi movement.  Pictured below, Peter Mitchell Gaughenbaugh poses with Thompson in front of Fantasy Tattoo and Piercing.  Gaughenbaugh is a sexual offender who has been identified by Florida Law Enforcement as a predator and whose offenses include possession of child pornography.  It is no surprise that establishments that cater to Nazi organizers would also be dens for a myriad of other despicable behaviors including violence against children, hate crimes, and sexual offenses against children.  What is surprising is that the community at large has allowed this “business” to fester and recruit more white nationalists to their organization, thereby establishing a viper pit filled with people who are an open danger to their community. 

Above:  Thompson (far right) and his co-conspirators gather in front of Fantasy Tattoo and Piercing.  Second from the left is Peter Mitchell Gaughenbaugh. 

It is important to note that the presence of these fascists has not gone unchallenged.  A small group of local antifascist and antiracist activists have assiduously opposed Thompson, and the rest of his merry band of Neo-Nazis at every turn, at great personal risk. These antifascists contacted the owner of Fantasy Tattoo and Piercing, David Johnson. (who also owns the nearby tanning salon, Fantasy Island Tanning).  They informed him that Thompson was threatening folks, and was continuing his affiliation with white nationalist groups.  

Above: David Johnson, Owner of Fantasy Tattoo and Piercing and Fantasy Island Tanning Salon.  Right:  Text messages from Johnson and an antifascist activist.

Also employed at Fantasy Tattoo and piercing is Chad Ryan Zingarelli (D.O.B. 08/31/1993).  A tattoo artist, with a criminal past, Zingarelli has been arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, burglary of dwelling while armed, and battery-causing bodily harm (Arrest date 06/04/2015).  He is currently still listed as “under community supervision/probation felony- 24 months”.  Although as a condition of his supervision, he is not to associate with other felons, Chad (who goes by Heinrich Schwartz on social media) is clearly associating with Trevor Thompson (Trey Hooligan), is proudly displaying his association with Skinhead culture, and is doxxing and harassing antifascists on social media (and shaming them for donating blood/plasma products). Chad purports that the community is responding to their white nationalist views by increasing business to the tattoo shop, and buying the Nazis pizza.

Above: Gaughenbaugh’s Florida crime information detailing his child pornography possession offenses.

These Hammerskins continue to organize in the community.  They are recruiting like-minded folks like Kirk Pellicer (DOB 10/29/1967) to their cause.  Kirk is a white nationalist and member of Crew 38 Hammerskins who also frequents Fantasy Tattoo and Piercing. Kirk Pellicer has a long arrest sheet including arrests on 6/17/14 for #1 F.T.A. vehicle registration infraction, 6/17/2010 for domestic battery. 

Above: Chad Zingarelli A.K.A. Heinrich Schwartz doxxes and harasses antiracist activists online.

The owner of Fantasy Tattoo and Piercing, David Johnson has remained unconcerned about his employee’s violent past, threats and use of the business space to congregate with other Neo-nazis (including a convicted pedophile), as evidenced by his choice to continue to employ them.  

The Hammerskins of Fantasy Tattoo and Piercing frequent a restaurant behind the shop called Dee’s Music Bar and Grill.  Planned groups attend and eat here frequently.  On occasion, you can see ten or more individuals in the Hammerskin group walking to Dee’s from Fantasy Tattoo.  In addition to Dee’s Music Bar and grill, Hammerskins frequent other establishments in the area.  Chad Zingarelli eats twice a week at Sonny’s BBQ on Kingsley in Orange Park, Florida with his girlfriend, Jennelle Rensch. 

The Hammerskins of Fantasy Tattoo continue to harass antifascists in the area.  The FBI visited local antifascist activists due to alleged threats Zingarelli had made to their safety and their lives.  Together, this reveals a pattern of behavior implicating that Hammerskins are organizing in Orange Park, Florida in and around the Fantasy Tattoo and Piercing establishment owned by David Johnson.  Johnson is

Above: Chad Zingarelli’s arrest record reveals a pattern of violent criminal behavior.

the community at large.

Above: Kirk Pellicer, a member of the Hammerskins Crew 38 congregates with other white nationalists at Fantasy Tattoo and Piercing.

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