In yet another story to file into the "duh" folder, Mark Conditt, the troubled young man homegrown terrorist responsible for a string of bombings in Texas this month held anti-LGBTQ+, anti-abortion, and pro-death penalty views, which he outlined in a blog he maintained for a government class he'd taken.  The blog was confirmed to be Conditt's through multiple sources, including the Dallas Morning Times.

Despite recent efforts of right-wing hacks like Mike Cernovich and others divorced from reality to predictably paint the bomber under the umbrella of the antifascist bogeyman, Conditt's right-wing evangelical views stand ready to publicly refute such a hypothesis.

Conditt's blog remains online as of publication of this article.  In it, Conditt rails against same-sex marriage, calling homosexuality "not natural" and offering such sound scientific evidence to defend his claims as "Just look at the male and female bodies. They are obviously designed to couple."  Conditt also reveals in his posts his stances against abortion and for the death penalty.

Naturally, however, the overly-credulous far-right continue their refusal to allow facts to get in the way of a story that fits what they've been programmed to believe about their political opposition. 

Gullible right-wingers continue to peddle unfounded conspiracy theories to link terrorists like Conditt & Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock to "Antifa"

 Regardless of what is found throughout the course of the investigation into Conditt's motivations, the snake oil salesmen of the right will continue to push their fascist narrative to frighten the less discerning moderates away from possible support of antifascists.  Conspiracy pushers like True Pundit - a site currently publishing a completely unsubstantiated and imagined, multi-part "investigation" claiming Stephen Paddock had leftist ties - will continue pouring their rumors into the awaiting ears of their followers knowing that a lie repeated enough will eventually become "truth".

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